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The current status of this comic is quite complicated. I'll write a post about it soon.

January 9th, 2008, 12:44 am

Moving On....

Hello all you fans of Kirby's Fan Mail! Thanks for +Faving me, last time I checked there were more fans than there were comics! I really appreciate all of you who +Faved me, thanks!

Another huge thank you to all of those who sent me fan mail! Without you, this comic wouldn't even exist.

OK. With all of this thank-you-ing, you may think that I am going to discontinue this comic. NOT A CHANCE! I love Kirby's Fan Mail. It's my first real webcomic. I also know from looking at the number of people who +Faved me, that quite a few other people love KFM. And I've chanced upon far too many amazingly fun and funny webcomics that have been discontinued (see, and I'm not going to let that happen to KFM. Let me explain.

I recently posted that I've aquired a domain name: I'm hosting my own website there, and now that I have my own webspace, I no longer need a remote webcomic hosting service. So YES, KFM will continue, but NO, not at SmackJeeves.

In order for me to get myself to make a comic on a regular basis instead of every month, I'm putting a comic out every week on Saturday and Sunday.

Please continue to send me fan mail. I really enjoy recieving fan mail from everyone here. My fan mail email address, in case you've forgotten, is Thank you again to everybody who reads and loves my comic.

NOTE: This doesn't mean I'm taking KFM off of SmackJeeves. It will stay here for anyone who wants to read it. You are still welcome to +Fav and comment on this comic. I'd be very happy if you could continue to enjoy this comic even though it's moving.

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